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Inspirational College Speaker and Author

Emotional, Authentic, Persistence

Steve inspires students to fulfill their dreams through the Power of Perseverance even on the bleakest days.

“Difficult times are not the end of everything but rather the beginning of something magnificent.”

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Let Steve take students on a journey of an incredible true story of perseverance, failures and overcoming incredible obstacles to rebuilding a life destroyed by blindness. Become emotionally invested in his story, as it allows students to directly relate to their own challenges and provides hope, guidance and reassurance that everyone can accomplish their goals utilizing the skills offered in this presentation. This story will provide a miraculous conclusion that will have everyone wanting to hear more.

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Steve Super’s main focus is keeping students in school by sharing his personal journey earning many degrees without the critical importance of vision.

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I brought Steve Super to DeSales University as a keynote speaker for our Character U program after hearing him speak at my church. Our students, staff and faculty were taken on an incredible journey of patience, perseverance, hope and faith. He humbly shares his story with a genuineness that leaves you wanting to hear more. He can connect with any audience and customizes his presentation to best reach that audience. He had us deeply listening, laughing and crying throughout. Steve Super is a MUST BRING to your church or organization. He has an amazing energy and an inspirational message to share!

Wendy S. Krisak, M.A., NCC, LPC
Assistant Dean of Students for Wellness|Health and Counseling Centers

Great job today Steve! Great feedback from my staff. (After keynote speech on 11/13/18):

“Steve Super has a great and dynamic persona that students gravitate towards. His story allows students to intrinsically look at their own story and reflect on their many gifts and talents. A story that is good for all ages and backgrounds.” (After keynote speech on 11/17/19)

Chad Serfass, M.Ed
Director of DeSales University Experience in Character and Leadership
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